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Funeral Of A Well-known
With customary Jewish ritual; the
fureral took place at Exeter yester-
day of Mr. Charles Samuels. who
died at 17, Penleonard Close, Exeter
Deceased. who was 82 years of age
came from Plymorith to Exeter about
60 years ago, and established the
business of Messrs. C. Samuels and
Sons. fine art dealers and picture
frame manufacturers, in Fore-street
He enjoyed a great reputation as an
are connoisseur.
The interment was at the Jewish
cemetery, Magdalen-road. the Revs
S I Sussman, Plymouth, officiating
Mourners were Capt. Julius
Samuels. H.G. Messrs. Arnoid
Samuels, Louis Samuels, and Edgar
Samuels (sons) Mr. Conrad Samuels
(brother), Messrs. S. Zeidman and
Roseman (sons-in-law), Mr. B.
Prussack (nephew) Messrs. S. Giynn,
D. Jacobson. and Felix Benzimra
(London). Among those unable to
be present were Capt. S. W. Hirsch-
mann. R.A.M.C. (son-in-law), Sub-
Lieut. John Samuels, R.N.V.R.
(grandson). Lieut. D. Lazarus.
Australia Forces. on active service;
Dr F. A. Roper; and Mr, Bulley
(Me'ssrs. Tucker and Hilton)
Sympathisers included Mr. L
Roseman (president of the Plymouth
Hebrew Congregation), Messrs. S.
Madge, A. A. Harris. R. Taylor. H.
Gilpin, W. Davis. and A. Percy
(representing the staff of Messrs. C.
Samuels and Sons) Messrs. Harry
Bradbeer (and representing Mr. L.
Bradbeer), M. Appleby, W H. B.
Hawken (manager, National Prg-
'vincial Bank), H. Weil. A. Tobias. M.
Rosenburg, M. Lerner. W. S. H.
Collins (Messrs. Knight and Collins),
M. Jackson. G. Painting. C. D. Calla-
was (representing Mr. A. Eveleigh,
W.M.. Semper Fidelis Lodge of Free-
masons) Dr. I: Levine. Messrs. L.
Frank, H. Smith. H. Smith, J. Smith,
A. J. Chudley, F. T. Blatchford. M.
M. Cohen and S. Lazarus (Totnest,
Messrs. S. Roseman. P. Roseman. S.
Lazarus and H. Cohen (Plymouth),
F. J. Blatchford (Semper Fidelis
Lodge of Freemasons), Mr. and Mrs.
L. Hecker. Mr. and Mrs. D. K.
Phillips. Mrs. S. Glynn, Mrs. Davis,
Miss S. Glynn.

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